TBS (Tom & Ben Steensels) conversions started as an idea between two brothers, who wanted to put their skills, passion and knowledge together. Eventually that idea became a reality and the company was created to realize the dreams of others to build the perfect van or other vehicle for every personal customer. Both brothers had the art of building these vans already learned in the past, but wanted to provide their own asset and touch to their products.
Off course TBS have their standard designs to choose from, so that a customer has an idea what they are capable off. These different standard designs to choose from are designs for any kind of van such as Sprinter, Crafter, Daily, Movano,… But at the end we want 100% satisfaction from our customers, so flexibility is one of our main goals we try to offer as much as possible. Every kind of detail can be discussed up front, before a quotation will be made.

As you can see on our website for now most of the vehicles conversions are MX-related, but this is not our only asset. We will try to realize all your dream builds, if it is for work, karting, skiing, motocross, cycling, luxury transport, ambulance, … Together TBS conversions as well as the customer can create the perfect truck, van, trailer… every kind of vehicle that you want. But only if we are both flexible and discuss every little thing in detail before the conversion will start. You can even check your vehicle in the process to see if you are glad with the chosen materials and establishments.

TBS conversions guarantee you to use the best quality products so that your builds are reliable and trustworthy. We test everything at the end before we deliver the product to you to see if there are any disabilities and fix these perfectly. So that a vehicle that was discussed up front also will be delivered.

A story that started as a dream, became a reality for these two brothers….